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Hot Flushes And Panic Attacks

Panic attacks are marked by the sudden onset of a number of unpleasant symptoms, such as sweating, difficulty breathing, and so on.  They are often caused by some underlying fear or phobia.  The panic attack makes the person feel even more afraid, because of the sudden physical distress, and the positive feedback can even make the person physically ill. 

The presence of any four of the recognized symptoms at one time is diagnosed as a panic attack.  If a person suddenly complains of palpitations, choking, trembling, perceptual distortions, a feeling of going crazy or dying, numbness, tingling, or hot flushes, panic attack is the immediate diagnosis.

While we all suffer from anxiety, from time to time, or something approaching panic on rare occasions, the real thing is something to be concerned about. If it happens more than once the person should check with a qualified specialist.

People often wonder about the connection between the peculiar symptoms, like hot flushes, and panic attacks.  It works like this: there is a constriction of the blood vessels and nerves during a panic attack.  This can cause pain, numbness, tingling, and hot flushes.  Menopausal women undergoing hormonal changes often suffer from hot flushes, and panic attacks too are common with them.  Panic attacks are caused by the fear or inability to face a situation.  A change of life can be unpleasant for women because of the underlying anxiety. 

While certain symptoms are relatively harmless, like hot flushes, panic attacks are sometimes associated with a genuine fear that the person is about to die. These symptoms are often ignored, though they shouldn't be.  If one can alleviate even the less significant sensations, such as the hot flushes, then the panic attacks are less unpleasant.  Splashing the face with ice water can sometimes help cool the person.  Not only does it help with hot flushes, it can startle a person and bring them out of a panic or a hysterical situation.

If the attacks become an obstacle to a happy life then one should seek a qualified specialist and not ignore the symptons.