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Using Gemstones for
Health & Vitality

by Mary Franz

I’m a big proponent of alternative medicine and holistic healing. Though I have a degree in clinical nutrition and a background in more conventional medical practice, my knowledge of conventional medicine is precisely why I believe that alternative and complimentary medicine definitely have a place in healing. There are many conditions, especially chronic conditions, for which conventional medicine fails. Combining conventional medicine with complimentary alternative care is by far the best way to approach chronic conditions and common ailments.

Native Americans believe that there is strength to be gained in the rock. The “Stone People” as they are called, contain energy and are associated with the North on the Medicine Wheel. Each of the stones contains its own qualities and when used properly, these gemstone properties can produce healing, health and vitality.

Types and Qualities of Gemstones

Though it would be impossible for me to tell you about every gemstone and every healing quality they contain (I’d have to write a book!), let’s go over some of the gemstones and then discuss the ways in which they can be used.

Polished agateAgate: Fantastic for insomnia, dental health and gastrointestinal troubles. Agate can increase stamina and offers protection, good luck, balance, intuition and strength. It can inspire and open the talent floodgates.

A piece of AmberAmber: Detoxifies the body and is great for addictions and alcoholism. Amber can relieve stress and works well for chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia. It works well for improving overall system health. Amber sooths, calms, purifies and increases intellect and consequently wisdom.

Amethyst pieceAmethyst: Also known as the “sobriety stone,” amethyst is fantastic for alcoholism and addictions. It can relieve pain and is suggested often for the management of chronic fatigue syndrome, arthritis and fibromyalgia for which conventional medicine offers little help. It can bring tranquility into the lives of people who need inner strength and spirituality especially when facing financial or legal problems.

CitrineCitrine: Great for all organ systems and improving general health. Citrine can also decrease nightmares as a protection stone and provide physical energy, creativity, clarity and intuition. It can be used in depression and grief to waken the mind and is useful for calming mood swings. It may help people with ocd (obsessive compulsive disorder).

EmeraldEmerald: The gorgeous green emerald is helpful for any afflictions involving the mind. It is also a “love” stone that can promote love and domestic harmony by increasing sensitivity, loyalty, memory, mental capacity, mental focus, romance, faith, honesty and eliminating negativity.

MoonstoneMoonstone: Moonstone could almost be called a “women’s health” stone in that it is capable of offering protection during pregnancy as well as aiding in the regulation of the control of the pituitary gland. It helps control water retention, hormonal balance and menstrual troubles. If you are seeking introspection, reflection, insight, intuition, harmony, peace and protection, moonstone may help. It may also help with weight loss.

Rose quartzRose Quartz: Another protector during childbirth, rose quartz is also a healer of the heart and emotional trauma. It can increase sexual function and slow the aging process. It is useful for migraines, sinus problems and ear aches as well as weight loss, depression and addictions. It can improve kidney and circulatory health as well as increase fertility.

Gemstone Practices

Those are just a handful of the many gemstones used in alternative healing. The general advice is to allow the stone to choose you. When you look at stones, which ones appeal to you? Which draw your attention? If you have the opportunity to hold and touch the gemstones, which feel right to you? So many gemstones have overlapping qualities that there could be a number of them that would benefit your health and well-being.

Gemstones should be cleansed before use to remove the energies of others that have touched them. You should also purify your gemstones on occasion to keep their energies strong. You may place your gemstone in a container filled with non-iodized sea salt and let it purify for 12 hours. If you find your stone in the outdoors, then spend some time holding it for awhile before washing it under water to remove the earth.

Using Healing Gemstones

There are many ways to use healing gemstones, but it’s important to understand that gemstones are natural sources of energy and you don’t really have to do anything elaborate to obtain the energies. You can wear gemstones around your neck, carry them in your pocket and place them throughout your house.

Metal surrounding gemstones will block their energy, so it’s important that your gemstone not be surrounded by metal as in the case of some jewelry pieces. Do not place your gemstones on a metal plate or container. Make sure the gemstones you purchase are natural gemstones and not altered with dyes.

It’s important that you combine the advice given here with the advice from your conventional doctor. This information is in no way a replacement to your medications or any other treatment that your doctor had recommended. Healing stones are meant to boost your health plan, not take the place of it.

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