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Bioenergy Balancing with Marja West

If your body could talk to you...

    What Would It Tell You About...

    • your allergies
    • your insomnia
    • your lack of energy
    • your fears and phobias
    • your bouts of depression and/or rage
    • your destructive patterns in relationships

Bioenergy Balancing gives your body a voice and gives you access to the real story, straight up from your body's intelligence and wisdom.

As a certified practioner, I facilitate you in a conversation with your body's wisdom and in releasing blocks or charge around troubling experiences that are keeping you stuck in the past and perhaps causing health problems. Questions reflecting your concerns will be asked of your body's wisdom. Your body's wisdom tells us where the blocks are and how to make the necessary changes so you can experience the clarity, optimal health and well-being.

This innovative, effective, "cutting edge" healing modality was created in 1981 by Priscilla Kapel of Palo Alto. Bioenergy Balancing recognizes that the bioenergy field guides the physical body and is influenced by our experiences, thoughts, beliefs, feelings and intentions. Each part of your body, down to every cell, has its own intelligence just waiting to share its wealth of knowledge with you to help you reveal your true uncluttered self. Balancing is a powerful, take charge process and an incredibly empowering experience.

For appointments and information on upcoming demonstrations and workshops contact:

Marja West (pronounced mar'ya)
P. O. Box 15056
San Francisco, CA 94115
(415) 563-9904

A brochure with more info is available.

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