Alternative medicine

What Are The Alternative Means Of Healing Today?

The health sector has grown a lot compared to the past years and unlike back in the day everybody or at least a high percentage of people have a health insurance cover to help in this of sicknesses. Visiting hospitals when sick is only the conventional method of taking care of yourself when sick. There are other ways that people handle sickness and although some of these ways are scientifically unproven or even rejected, it is what they believe is best for them. Some of these alternative methods of taking care of haling still used in modern day include;

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This is where herbal treatment is used to treat disease and is also known as phytotherapy. The herbal medication is made from plants that are believed to have medicinal value. This medicine is also extended to the use of bee products, shells, some animal products and even certain kinds of fungus.

Pharmaceuticals are expensive for those with a low income as compared to the price of herbal medicine. The herbal medication according to the world health organization is used in China and Africa in a wide range. Their research also says that about 25 percent of modern medicine is made from plants and herbal remedies and some were even used in the past as herbal remedies, these include quinine, opium, and even aspirin.

Naturopathic medicine

This kind of treatment is administered by a naturopath (a health practitioner, who applies natural therapies.) this kind of treatment goes beyond fasting, nutrition water and exercising, it also includes the use of homeopathy, use of herbal medicine, acupuncture, and also the use of modern medical therapy methods.

When this method was used in the past, it was mostly to prevent diseases that have not yet attacked the human body. In the modern day, naturopaths are likely to be found in the spa, nutritional and family consultancy and even in beauty clinics.

The modern-day naturopath is faced with a lot of challenges as compared to the naturopath years ago. This is because the human body has absorbed many chemicals from the environment and from what he eats as compared to the healthy lifestyle years back. There is a need to combine the naturopathic medicine with some of the herbal and medicinal remedies to restore good health.



This type of treatment handles every individual differently with an aim to stimulate their own healing. A homeopath selects medicine according to individual’s specific symptoms and level of health. This therapeutic method is recognized by WHO and is largely used in India, South America, and Europe and it benefits a large number of people.

This method is popular because each symptom is treated separately and only minimum subtle doses that are not addictive and are not tested on animals.


Each individual reacts differently to treatment and this means there can be various ways to treat the individual. With most ways used being accepted by the world health organization, each individual should choose that way that best suits his or her symptoms for the quick recovery.