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Goal Setting:

10 Steps to Getting What YOU Want
in Life: Creating YOUR Reality


Improve Your Life

Making life better in some way seems to be ingrained in our nature. One asks how can I be happier, healthier, wiser, or freer. You can use goals for a better job, better living conditions, improved health, and much more.

Goal setting is an excellent tool for creating a successful better life.

Get What You Want in Life

Learn how to create and achieve satisfying fulfilling goals that truly create a life that you want. Let this guide be your personal coach aiding you with time management, planning and organization.

These 10 how-to steps guide you through the full goal setting and achievement process. As all goals do not need all steps, you may wish to skip some steps. Still, we recommend you minimally read through them to understand why we included them for when you are actualizing other goals.

Proven Tools for Better Living

We have included explanations, exercises, references, and tools to help you in your journey. Use the how-to steps that ring true to you and leave the rest. We tried to include something for everyone throughout these pages.

Of course, we will point you to the free resources throughout Gems 4 Friends as well as many free and low-cost other methods. I have tried all the methods that I am recommending and have had success with all of them at various times in my life.

These are proven steps to successful goal achievement. Everyone is at a different point of time, so, know that something that doesn't serve you now, may serve you (or someone you know) later.

We are always open to new information, so, if you wish to recommend other techniques, please feel free to do so. If they work for us, they too may be included in this how-to document.

Lorraine V.


Go to step 1: Introduction to Setting and Creating Goals

  • How to Set Goals to Create Your Reality
    Goal setting encourages one to look at themselves more clearly to see where they are and what they want. This is truly helpful as it can help one see the many blessings in their life
  • How to Decide On Which Goals To Set
    I like to set goals which creates a new situation rather than focusing on a problem. This is so I can focus on something positive as well as giving room for spirit to work.
  • Dreaming and Creating the Life YOU Want
    Dreaming gives your goal a life of its own. It is the process of continually picturing your dream and exploring possibilities. Picturing your goal clearly and consistently attracts the goal to you.
  • Effective Goal Planning
    By now you have a goal that is the best goal for you at this time and you fine tuned it to make sure it will bring you what you want. Now is the doing stage.
  • Breaking Through Limitations
    So you now have a goal you want so much you can taste it. You are living day-to-day thinking, breathing, and picturing the goal -- but alas, you have hit a road block. The barrier seems insurmountable. What do you do now?
  • Expectations, Acceptance, and Goal Surrendering
    How to expect the best, accept the gifts and surrender the results involved with working on goals. Sometimes life fills our goals in unexpected ways...
  • Setting and Achieving Goals That You Really Want
    Often one creates mini-goals so one can see progress and for a status check. For each mini-goal on your way to your major goal, you may wish to do all 10 steps as they help the total goal go easier.
  • Acknowledging the Goals That Your Have Created
    Acknowledging successes help goals move farther and faster. Every step you complete on your way to the full goal is a success.
  • Gratitude, Acceptance and Moving On
    Gratitude opens the heart and lets even more good things to enter your life.
  • Next Steps in Goal Activation
    When deciding on your next goal, make a list of desired goals and place a priority on each one.
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    This is a collection of articles on goal setting, achieving your goals, accomplishment, planning, and so on.
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