Alternative: Many Classmates at the Fake Driving School

We take a look at the newest concept of a particular Fake Driving School and its instructors convincing girls (and other way around most often!) to do dirty things!

Noticing Other Classmates

People often have had fantasies about particular teachers of theirs or particular classmates. They usually didn’t fantasize about all of them, of course. The most attractive people in the classroom, whether they are the teachers or the students, will tend to attract the most fantasies. However, attraction is complicated. There are cases where it won’t be the hottest teachers or the hottest students who get attention from certainly people. All people have their own preferences. While some people might want more diversity, there is a certain amount of diversity within the Fake Driving School.

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Students and Teachers at the Fake Driving School

There are only a few teachers at the Fake Driving School. If people are specifically fantasizing about the teachers, they might see their preferences represented, or they might not. There are significantly more students there, however. It might be easier for the people viewing the Fake Driving School to find what they are looking for in those general locations.

Most porn websites will attract a particular type. The performers will tend to be young and conventionally attractive to a certain extent. There is an age gap between the students and the teachers at the Fake Driving School, of course. However, both groups are still young adults, with an age gap that could exist in reality. The teachers are just in their thirties and the students are in their twenties. People who are looking for older performers won’t find them there.

Not all of the students are extremely thin, which might be a plus for a lot of people. Porn has tended to focus on the extremely thin for some time, and this is starting to change. There is some variation in ethnicity, hair color, and characteristics like that. The mainstream porn of the twentieth century tended to focus on an extremely narrow type, especially for women. This is starting to make a lot of older, vintage mainstream porn look really dated.

The Fake Driving School does not have too much of a professional hardcore look about it. Most people on the Internet today want amateur porn, which has been more popular than professional hardcore porn since the earliest days of the Internet. There are some aspects of this site that make it look a little more professional than some amateurish stuff, of course. The actress who plays the teacher very much has the professional porn star look. However, for the most part, the people who want amateur porn will still get it with this site.

Real and False

A lot of people prefer the amateur porn to the professional porn of the past because of the greater diversity of physical types. However, it goes further than that. A lot of people find that it is easier to really get into the fantasy if they are looking at people who don’t really look like professional porn stars. It’s that much easier to accept these people as real people if that is the case. The Fake Driving School delivers.