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The Gems4friends Newsletter is moving from to Aweber. I'm not transfering any names or info from the former to the latter. This way I can be sure that the people who are on the letter are actually interested in receiving it.

In addition, is great, and I don't hesitate to recommend them, but I don't need all the tools they offer. If you have need of a full blown shopping cart system, link tracking, autoresponders, etc., then they're great. I just need the email system. Email is all Aweber does, and they're pretty darn good at it.

Here's how it works. I will be deleting the entirety of the old list in a few days. If you want to continue receiving the Gems4friends Newsletter, then you have to enter your info here. There's no time pressure, this page will be up for a good while.

If you don't want to receive the newsletter, then do nothing. Everything will be deleted at the end of January and you won't hear from us again, though you might get an email or two before the deletion. Just ignore those.

That said, here are...


The Top 9 Reasons to
Join the Newsletter:

  1. You'll get free virtual fishwrap for your virtual fish!

  2. You'll get info on a variety of Alternative Healing methods

  3. The Gems4friends Letter is free and no trees were used in its creation.

  4. You'll get articles on Personal Development, Goal Setting, and related topics.

  5. This letter is made with genuine recycled electrons!

  6. The author of this letter has no sense of humor, so all the info you'll receive is straight up and just the facts. Really.

  7. Your name and email info will never be shared with 3rd parties.

  8. Also included are guest articles from various people, some very well know, on a variety of health and personal development topics.

  9. You'll always be able to change your info, or unsubscribe, with one click. A link to do either of these tasks is included in every email that I send to you.