Alternative medicine

Types of alternative medicine

We are living in a world with plenty of alternatives. Medicine is not an exception.Nowadays, besides the conventional medicine, alternative medicine seems to gain terrain among more and more people every day. Around the world, there you will find several types of alternative medicine. In the following paragraphs, we will discuss some of the most important types.

Naturopathy and homeopathy

These two types of alternative medicine are based on the belief that our body may be cured based on our beliefs and thoughts. Naturopathy is focused on the idea that the human body has a supernatural energy that may be used if our body is suffering from any diseases and due to that energy we will heal ourselfs. On the other hand, homeopathy speaks about the idea that there are substances that may be used in healthy people in order to find out which are the symptoms caused by those substances, and then used them on suffering people in order to heal them. In this way, you may find out which substances may be used in different diseases.

Traditional healing practices

When we speak about traditional medicine, we speak in fact about those medical practices that are used over generations. These traditional practices are far from having something scientific, but even today these practices are widespread around the globe. Traditional healing practices include different types of tea, different type of food and soups, leaves or local drinks. Most of these folk medicines are spread orally from person to person, from generation to generation. It is true that in the digital age, Internet is also full of traditional healing recipes.


Speaking about phytotherapy, you speak in fact about healing with different agents having a natural origin. Even if phytotherapy is an alternative medicine practice, in the last decades it has become scientific founded. Phytotherapy is using mostly plants and substances from plants to cure different types of diseases. Sometimes, phytotherapy is called also herbal medicine due to the main elements that are used in this alternative medicine. Phytotherapy is an old healing practice, but nowadays, most of the drugs that are composed from plants are made using modern technologies.

Properties of energies as alternative medicine

Another alternative medicine that is more and more used around the globe involves supernatural energies. These types of healing practices believe that energy may be used to heal a wide range of diseases, but also to prevent getting sick. The main types of alternative medicine that uses energy as a source of healing are: Reiki, chiropractic, electromagnetic therapy and biofield therapy. Reiki is that practice that is using palms to transfer energy to the patient in order to heal the patient. Chiropractic practices are using spinal manipulation in order to release tension from nerves. Electromagnetic and biofield therapies use energy fields that surround us to help in the healing process.

These are just some of the best known alternative medicine types that you may see around the world. Despite the fact that the modern society becomes more and more tech, nowadays more people seem to return to medicine types that were used in the past.