Alternative medicine

Alternative healing in the contemporary world

Conventional medicine is developing every day more and more. Every medical field makes progresses to using more technology in the treatment of different illnesses and trauma. Even with these medical progresses in the contemporary world we may see that unconventional medicine is still present.

Returning back to the alternative healing methods

In the last years, we may observe that many persons choose to use alternative medicine methods to cure their diseases or to prevent getting sick. Most of those persons choose to return to traditional medicine after they have used conventional medicine and they felt the negative effects of this type of medicine. Due to this, many people are choosing to use again traditional medicine. If in the past traditional medicine included local recipes, nowadays, having the benefits of the Internet connection we are able to use even traditional medicine from the other side of the world. Another reason for which more people return to the alternative healing methods could be the marketing of these products.

Utilization of alternative healing methods across the globe

Even if alternative medicine practices are present all over the world, there are several regions where these kind of healing methods are more prone to be used. The highest levels of utilization of alternative medicine practices are located in the eastern part of Africa, South-East of Asia, Southern Asia, and central part of South America, Australia, Equatorial Africa and the Pacific Islands. Other regions with medium levels of utilization of these practices include Central Asia, Arabian Peninsula, Central Africa, Northern Africa and northern part of South America. On the other hand, the lowest levels of utilization of traditional medicine can be found in Northern Europe, Argentina, Central Europe, Western Europe, developed countries in Africa and developed countries in America. As you can see, it seems that alternative healing methods are mostly related to the level of education and prosperity.

Alternative medicine in highly developed countries

Despite that fact that in developed countries a high percent of the population have access to high quality medical services, the population that starts to use alternative medicine practices to cure their diseases is growing everyday. For example, in the United States of America, in the last decades, growth generated with the alternative medicine practices that are related with Ayurvedic medicine, Chinese traditional medicine or Reiki, has reached almost 50 %. This growth is very high for a developed country, where the majority of the population has access to medical services and the majority of the population is part of the Christian religion. Traditional medicine success in the modern society is based on marketing, failures of conventional medicine in some situations, but also due to the large number of missionaries that are travelling all over the world to promote their healing methods.

The promotion of alternative medicine types is done in many ways and if the conventional medicine fails sometimes, people are looking for other options to cure their diseases. Due to this, we may see nowadays many alternative medicine practices that are used instead of using conventional medicine, even in developed countries.