Alternative medicine

Some of the best known alternative healing methods

Nowadays, we are invaded with alternative healing methods everywhere – in newspapers, television, Internet, on the streets or in the commercials. Some of these alternative methods are known to most of the people, but some of them are less known. In the following paragraphs, we will introduce you briefly some of these alternative medicine methods.

Ayurvedic medicine

This type of medicine has more than 5,000 years and it is based in India. Ayurvedic medicine’s assumption starts from the idea that every illness is caused by any lack of balance inthe human body. The treatment ofAyurvedic medicine consists of a wide range of practices, such as massage, meditation, natural nutrition and plant-based drugs.

Aromatherapy and Massage Therapy

These two types of alternative healing methods are complementary and are using some similar practices. Aromatherapy is using different types of essential oils in order to help people to relax and to combat stress. During the aromatherapy, those essential oils are used for massage and also to be diluted in the air of the room where therapy is done. On the other hand, massage therapy involves the massaging the muscles of the patients in order to eliminate stress and fatigue. As you can see, aromatherapy and massage therapy are using both of them massage in the treatment. Aromatherapy is also complementary with other alternative medicine methods such as acupuncture, which is that therapy that involves using needles to stimulate and regulate flow energy of the human body, or herbology, which uses natural plants to heal illnesses and diseases.

Feng Shui

An old practice that is aimed to bring health and prosperity, which is very used in the modern period is Feng Shui. This practice involves using all the objects that surround you and arrange them in a certain “order”. Having all the objects that surround you arranged in a certain manner, using also color as an important element in choosing objects, the vital energy may flow in your house, bringing health and happiness.


Another alternative medicine practice that is widespread in our days is homeopathy. This alternative practice uses natural remedies in order to improve the human body immune system. Every sick person will receive a remedy that is specific for his/her disease. This alternative healing method may be used with success in different diseases such as infections, fatigue, anxiety, stress -based health issues and allergies.


The alternative medicine practice called “Reiki” is based on the idea that there is an energy that flows through the human body and that energy can help healing our body. According to Reiki’s principels, if that vital energy of the human body is very low, then we may experience illnesses and diseases. On the other hand, if our vital energy is very high, then we will experience happiness and health. In Reiki treatment that vital energy is transferred to the patient from practitioner’s hands.

These are just some of the best known alternative medicine methods around the world. We are sure that there are many more and if you know other methods, please tell us to have more option to keep our health at high levels.